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Five Ways to Protect your Energy

Our energy is taking a beating right now! With the outer planets moving and the polarity and strife in the world, not to mention the solar flares and the fact that we are closer to the space photon belt that we have been in 12,000 years, what's a girl to do?

Our energy and health are being bombarded right now, not only by what is happening in space, but also by what is happening on the planet. Let's talk about what we can control in our daily lives to protect our energy.

1. Step away from the television! Gone are the days when we would watch the nightly news to see what is going on in the world. Now, we are blasted with news 24/7. And, if the news contained just the facts and was not politically nor financially motivated, that may be a different story. But it seems the commercial news channels thrive on fear-mongering to get headlines. For your sake, take a break!

2. Be discerning about what you watch and read on social media. Everyone has an opinion - that is easy. But not everyone has empathy, understanding, or wisdom. Fear and alarm make for the most-viewed posts. Your energy does not need all this negativity. Watch and read uplifting posts. Feel your spirit with health, not fear. The world is not going to end; if you study history, you'll realise there was just as much violent activity, rapes, pillages, slavery, and wars in the past (probably much more, at times). We are NOT worse off than ever before!

3. Limit your alcohol intake and bar time. Alcohol is a depressant - who needs to be more depressed?!? And bars do draw in negative energies that go along with alcohol. Things come to the surface and, sometimes, things that are surfacing are not so nice. Especially when you're tired or not feeling your best, it will do you a world of good to give alcohol and partying a break to cleanse your energy.

4. Get outdoors in nature. Nothing on earth is as healing as the Earth itself. Listen to the trees, the wind, the faeries. Your energy and health will be revived before you know it. Nature is the embodiment of magic in harmony!

5. Try to limit your time with negative, complaining family and friends. We all have that friend or family member who loves to complain about everything - and everyone! Remove yourself from that atmosphere. Our words are our wand, and gossiping and complaining are putting bad energy onto others, as well as yourself. Visit or call in small doses before the complainers have time to dig in to their problems.

Picture white, healing light around yourself for protection and enjoy the beauty that life has to offer. Pretty soon, it won't matter who is running for office or who is primed for nuclear attack because you will be in your calm, healing space amidst the chaos!

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