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Is Your Child Psychic?

Updated: May 19

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I have had many a concerned parent contact me for readings, wondering if their child is psychic. The parent is often at a loss as to how to handle the experiences the child is having. From seeing dead Grandma to remembering a past life, these children are exhibiting normal behaviours and gifts that I believe all children possess. If you think about it, children were just in the spiritual realm not long ago, so it is little wonder that they remember and know things that our rational minds think is unbelievable.

First of all, don't panic! Children are psychic and having this ability is a truly wonderful gift. Relax, take some deep breaths, and TALK to your child about what they are seeing. Ask questions. Be open-minded and be careful not to transfer your discomfort or fear to your child. Just by listening and letting your child talk, you provide reassurance. If your child asks you how or why is this happening, do not be afraid to truthfully say, 'I don't know.'

My own experience of being psychic as a child may help you. Having been raised in a loving, but very strict, religious background, I 'knew' things from a very young age. I would tell my mother if a plane was going to crash, if someone was going to die, or even about upcoming conflicts at church. These events would all happen soon afterwards. I remember my Mother once telling me, 'That is of the devil!' In hindsight, that was the absolute wrong thing to say to an innocent child who did not know why she 'knew' things.

To say that my Mother's reaction affected my confidence is an understatement. Thinking I was bad or damaged somehow, I downplayed my achievements and tried to bury this beautiful gift from God. I was also confused because I knew I was seeing angels. How come it was okay for people in the Bible to see them but not me? Something must be wrong with me, I thought.


According to Harvard University, we only use about 10% of our brains ( As we learn more about the human body, neuroscience, and plasma physics, I believe we will  

learn that these 'gifts of knowing' are natural in everyone. I daresay we have all had experiences of ESP, vivid dreams, thinking about someone and they soon call us on the phone, seen ghosts, or smelled our dead mother's perfume in the air. These are natural ways that we receive communication from the other side of space/time. It's just invisible to most of us on the Earth plane, mainly due to our religious conditioning, fear, and prejudices.  

My psychic ability never went away; however, I never shared the fact that I was psychic with anyone until adulthood (when I was in my 40's). That is how long it took me to become comfortable with my gift and not feel somehow guilty for knowing things that others didn't.   

I hope my story helps.

Encourage your child to accept these beautiful gifts, even if you may not understand them. Be gentle to your child's spiritual sensitivity. Pray with them, look for 'angel' feathers in the garden (birds' feathers), introduce them to the beautiful magic in nature. And when they are about 3 or 4 years old, you can ask them, 'Who were you before this?'. You just might get an answer! 

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